About us

A business consulting firm that specializes at the international level and regularly accompanies companies and organizations in 17 countries in the world.

We accompany startups, active businesses, and businesses under construction that wish to market and sell in international markets and enjoy customers in a variety of countries, mainly with an emphasis on training sales teams, building company procedures, long-term business development, building penetration strategies for international markets, managing employees, establishing sales and service centers, building training systems for new employees.
Ongoing support of small companies (5-50 employees) and medium-large companies (100-1,000 employees).

Simba Business Consulting was established in 2018 and consists of senior consultants who are all business owners themselves with the aim of providing solutions in the management, growth and expansion of businesses to the international markets.
Our business support processes begin with a deep understanding of the market and the various entrepreneurs we work with.

Our secret lies in raising standards.
We believe that with high standards, businesses will continue to grow and grow for a long time, will face the challenges they face, and significantly increase the scope of their activities.

We believe that with the help of proper training and guidance acquired through proven experience, it is possible to jumpstart businesses and break into many markets.

Our consulting team

Matan simhi


Has a master’s degree in business administration (which he completed when he was only 25 years old), a specialization in marketing at the “Netanya Academic College”.
The first Israeli student in the city of Chengdu, China during a student exchange program at the University: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Matan has 13 years of experience (B2B + B2C) in the fields of sales and business development and serves as a business consultant and accompanies companies, organizations, associations and freelancers in Israel and around the world.

“I gained my experience by focusing on sales and business development right after my military service, back when I was 21 years old. Every business is ultimately interested in profit, so it’s worth learning what income channels exist and how they can be leveraged to the highest level.
I was on relocation to two countries: China and Romania.
I gained connections and collaborations, I was exposed to many international markets and different cultures, and I visited from over 30 countries.’

Matan believes that a business consultant should be exposed to as many different businesses and cultures as possible, to accumulate knowledge and know how to use it wisely in every field of business, to build the perfect “puzzle” for every business consisting of different parts.

roy balsam

tech consultant

Roy is a programmer and owner of a software house that helps companies implement projects.
Works with leading companies in Israel and the world, including those traded on stock exchanges in Israel and the USA.
In addition, Roy is a partner in several technological ventures and also serves as a technological consultant for startups.

Has 10 years of experience in developing applications, smart systems, advanced websites, interfaces, and automation.

Roy believes that through advanced technology companies can save manpower and achieve significant differentiation in the business aspect.

maor mugrabi

AI & mL consultant

Maor started his degree in mathematics at the age of 14 and since then has been involved in algorithmics and AI/ML.

According to Gartner, 85% of projects in the field fail to bring value, while companies invest resources, manpower, and a lot of time in vain.
Maor established a team of mathematicians and together they provide algorithmic and AI/ML solutions.
With the experience of dozens of successful projects in a variety of industries, they know how to reduce risks and bring companies to success.

Yehonatan Gmaliel

financial consultant, CPA

Holds a degree in business administration. B.A specialization in accounting, Ono Academic College.

Jonathan has 12 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax consulting for businesses mainly in the areas of hotels, retail, and service providers.
Starting with exempt and licensed traders, limited liability companies, associations, as well as other businesses.

Yehonatan believes that with the help of proper planning and tracking of the numbers, any business can succeed in a big way!

carmel Hadar

Digital consultant

Carmel is a Digital Consultant specializing in enhancing online presence, optimizing business processes, and driving profitability. With over 8 years of experience in Israel and the United States, Carmel has successfully implemented tech systems for a diverse range of clients, with a specific focus on e-commerce.

“My approach involves analyzing existing systems to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement. By taking into account critical factors such as website design, user experience, content strategy, branding, and data analysis, I create customized solutions that meet the specific business needs of each client.”

Throughout his career, Carmel has effectively managed various applications, websites, and cloud-based systems, generating positive outcomes for businesses.

michael alroy

b2B consultant

Michael has in-depth experience in the fields of sales and business development for over 10 years.
Expert in creating B2B sales processes, applying for key positions, and business development in the US and Europe.

Michael lectures in the USA and serves as a mentor to people who wish to fulfill themselves and make a significant change in life. Michael contributes a lot of himself to the development of many young people.

yaakov eshed

valuation consultant

Yaakov has over 40 years of experience working with private and government companies.

Accompanying the chief scientist at the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Employment, in carrying out valuations of knowledge and patent portfolios, carrying out valuations for technology companies (the IP valuation), and providing an opinion regarding the adequacy of a transaction price (Fairness Opinion), determining the prices of various shares according to their rights.

Also responsible for accompanying mergers and acquisitions, A & M and “sleeve reversals”.

shimi elimelich

alternative investment consultant

Shimi specializes in alternative investments in general and real estate in Israel and abroad in particular.
Investing in real estate for the past 13 years and managing real estate funds in Israel and abroad for the past 5 years, mainly in the world of short-term rentals.

Shimi believes that businesses must manage their cash flow correctly so that it is free for investment and income from other sources so that the business has proper risk management!