Business Development

The process of any business development is essential for the further growth and development.
The world is changing and now it’s on the peak and it keeps in that way.
New professions are opening compared to older professions that stand on the brink of extinction.
In order to maintain a steady and ongoing profitability, we will have to think of a new profit channels.

Efficient ways to a successful business development
1. Keeping a surveillance on the other competitors – look at your competitors, and now look at yourself.
Try to understand which kind of services/products your competitors supply? Who’s their clients? Do they have any leverage? What level of service they provide? What are their prices? Where do they advertise? Don’t worry if you understand that they provide a variety of services in low prices. Try to understand their strategy. It is possible that they’re not using the right strategies and they might find themselves before closure/bankruptcy. So don’t copycat everything that you see, but try first to understand their position and the way they act.

2.  Acts for innovativeness, digital accessibility – as mentioned, in a world that keeps on growing/ being renewed, we must find access points to the customers, make them simply and efficiently to purchase/accept your product/services. Try to look for new ways – today’s clients quite connect to the idea, which is going to help them to lower the expenses for this specific product/service.

3. Adding an attached/  accompanied complementary product – adding products can significantly promote your business. Try to  identify additional products that you can offer to the already existing/signed clients in order to increase the value/worth of the deal.
You of course have to examine the subject very carefully because, suggesting that has nothing to do with those clients might strike you and cause the customers to be fed up with the idea that you try to sell them anything that comes up to your mind, without considering them. In order that such a thing won’t happen, make sure that there are matching products to the ones they already purchased and find the addendum value of those products.

4.  Establishing partnerships/ collaboration – an essential thing for the business growth.
The right partnerships can yield to many clients referring, put pay attention to whom you’re collaborating with. Make sure to referee potential clients to high quality services, because if not so and you will referee to a different services that which not supply the commodity/goods, there wouldn’t be a positive client experience – a thing could impact you and make that client that passed through this experience to stop purchasing from you and not coming back because of lack of trust.

5. Correct data analysis – most of our day is packed with “putting out fires” and focusing on “here and now” that sometimes we forget to look at the month/quarter/passed year, analyzing and getting the exact data on the way we operate. Efficient data analysis can lead to many conclusions – improving and preserving actions and decisions that we made, the strategies that we chose, income vs expenses etc.
Make sure that at least once a month you check  and analyze all the actions that you made for the benefit of your business, criticize, preserve/improve when you need to.
Don’t neglect or underestimate this value.