Business Escort

Weekly or monthly meetings with a business consultant.
During the meetings, we will focus on the challenges that exist in the business in the longer term and make sure that things are indeed progressing and becoming more efficient.
The way to carry out a successful business accompaniment process is to prepare an appropriate action plan that includes what do we want to achieve? And how are we going to achieve this?
In terms of processes and numbers.

Preparing the action plan will give us the way to achieve the goals and objectives.
If in the consultation meeting we provided a solution to the challenges, during business support we will make sure that the solutions are really realized, we will supervise the implementation process and carry out a strict follow-up.
Implementing processes is the best way to make sure that we meet the business goals we have set and see a significant improvement in the growth of the business in a healthy and controlled manner.
The length of the business support can range from 3 months to several years.

Why it is important to have a Business Escort?

Reaching your goals

The main difficulty for many businesses is to carry out and implement the strategies over time. Especially since the strategies are complex and require constant and flexible thinking.
As soon as there is an orderly assimilation process, the chance of meeting our goals increases significantly!
During the escorting process there are so many variables along the way and our plans may change, if we become flexible and make moves accordingly, we will be able to move forward quickly and reach our goals in additional ways.

Outside Mentor for the employees

When an outside mentor enters the business in the right way, it is easier for employees to share their thoughts, feelings and challenges in a more open way than with their managers. It is very important to give employees an opportunity to share and give them tools to deal with their day-to-day work.
Many employees face a lack of proper time management, proper energy distribution, decision making and meeting tasks. The problem is that they will not always involve their managers for fear of their workplace – this is where the accompanying process comes into play.
In the process of business and organizational consulting, the consultant sits with the employees and deeply understands their challenges, everything is done in complete confidentiality so that the employees feel comfortable with the consultant. That is, the consultant acts as a “big brother” to the employees and helps them deal with all their problems and gets the most out of them.

An Objective View

As external consultants, our job is to bring you the whole truth in your face.
In all the conduct of the business, in every aspect of the business, with the employees and with you.
The main goal is to reflect the reality that occurs in your everyday life, to overcome the challenges, to discuss them together and to find creative solutions.
As soon as we understand that every process in the conduct of the business can be improved and it is important to hire an external person who will go through all those processes and give his opinion on them, we are already on the way to a significant improvement. This improvement is in our self-awareness. We can’t be in full control of every process that happens and a lot of things fall through the cracks, it’s completely natural.
As soon as we arrive as external consultants and shed light on the existing challenges, it is very possible that we will identify new problems that would not have surfaced had they not noticed it.
As business practices, we are engrossed in the pursuit of operation and supply and sometimes things “escape us” without us noticing it.

Another business partner

As business consultants we define ourselves and treat you as partners in everything.
Partners in your doubts, your anxieties, your worries, the strategies we build together, the common discussions we have.
The emphasis is mainly on the understanding that we are together with you regarding business management.

Because we treat every business we support as our partners, we take every decision that is made seriously.
As service providers, we know how you feel about different providers.
Most of them come to do the necessary work and that’s pretty much it.
We believe that professional business consultants are supposed to be the partners that protect the business owners, with you in every decision, keeping the right path for you at the most objective and efficient level.

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