Employee Training

So you have successfully recruited a number of new employees who should help you become more efficient at work and grow your business.

But after a very short time you see exactly the opposite result.
The employees take away your precious time, make a lot of mistakes so that you ask yourself – is this how it should be?
Bottom line, you invested a lot of resources and time and in the end the new employees make you go backwards.

So why is this happening?
One of the reasons for this is that you did not train them well enough at the time of hiring the employee.
Accommodating new employees entering the organization can be very abrasive and challenging.
To train new people, to wait for them to understand the work, it is not always suitable for them, it is not always suitable for us, we do not always have the time to invest in them.

One of the common mistakes of many organizations is not making the professional material accessible to the new employee correctly.

That is, the absorption process is carried out by an older employee in a very manual way. A new employee becomes the “shadow” of the old employee. He is supposed to write down all kinds of things he saw during work and it is expected that that employee will learn himself and get into the routine as quickly as possible (after all, we want to return the financial investment in him) except that usually the exact opposite happens.

The new employee does not understand things deeply, makes a lot of professional mistakes and in some cases leaves the organization after a very short period (if we don’t fire him first).

This thing happens mainly because of us.

We didn’t invest enough in the absorption process and we didn’t make things accessible to him in an understandable way.
We advocate an approach that says if you didn’t understand something, then it means we didn’t explain it correctly.

What are the common problems in the employee training process that is not conducted properly?

  • Employee abandonment
  • Errors and professional mistakes
  • Lack of connection of the employees to the company
  • Inefficient work
  • Lack of commitment to success

So how do we best train new employees?

The training of employees for this training is accompanied by many processes that include working with a training booklet that contains job definitions, measures of success, work procedures, order of operations, working with different levels, self-work, simulations.

The process of absorbing the employee should be both theoretical and practical.

When we combine the two, we actually allow the new employee to perform tasks in the form of a simulation, make mistakes and learn from them so that in the “real” job these mistakes will be avoided.

We see that the absorption of the employee with this method is done more smoothly and extends the employee’s time in the company.

That is, a comprehensive and professional training process contributes significantly to the employee’s efficiency, a deeper understanding of the work and greater loyalty later on.

If you don’t have a comprehensive training course for new employees, this is exactly the time to do it.

Do not recruit employees without an organized training program!

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