Setting up Call Centers

Managing a call center requires going down to the smallest details and correctly managing a customer’s life cycle in order to keep him as an active customer for a long time.
We help in setting up call centers that address local and international markets.

What does it take to manage a call center:

  • Proper management of employees
  • Building cannon sales teams
  • Documentation and analysis of sales calls
  • Building conversation scripts
  • Construction of apprenticeship training courses
  • Building a sales setup that includes salespeople and
  • client portfolio managers
  • Supplying quality leads
  • Construction of pricing packages
  • And of course – high conversion rates!

Once all these are in place, you will be able to manage a particularly efficient sales center that addresses local and international markets.

So how can you efficiently manage a call center?
Here are the main 10 points for it:

  • Focus on keeping your employees happy. Employees want to feel that they are doing something important. Always treat them with respect and be attentive to their ideas.
  • Install a high-quality switchboard and listen to the representatives’ conversations in order to analyze the sales calls. You will be surprised how much you will learn about the difference between the theory taught in the training program and what happens in the field with the representatives.
  • Analyze and monitor service levels and churn rates. It is necessary to know what the level of service is expected from your business and make sure that it merges with the call center’s capabilities. If it does not merge, make changes as soon as possible, otherwise, many customers will abandon the company’s services and you will face many costs in order to get them back.
  • Provide an incentive package to your employees and rewards based primarily on performance. Make sure that there is a balance between speed and quality in order to manage a call center effectively. Make sure that the indicators on which the representatives are rewarded are directly related to the parameters on which you are measured as center managers.
  • Explain to the employees clearly the work plan you expect from them. The clearer you are, the more uncertainty you will avoid that will cause misunderstanding.
  • Carry out an orderly induction of new employees. Build detailed training courses that include theoretical and practical content and test the representatives before the first conversations with your customers.
  • Install quality and effective Customer Relations Management software (CRM). Correct management software will save you a lot of costs, and will help you analyze the closing percentages of transactions while maintaining an emphasis on profitable customers, selected products that are in demand and making correct decisions for business development.
  • Manage delegates’ time properly. This means scheduling the breaks, ensuring that no calls are missed, routing between rush hours and most importantly – not letting them feel under pressure.
  • Prepare for personnel turnover. A call center is a place where employee turnover is relatively high because the sales field can be abrasive and not suitable for everyone.
  • Publish the hotline data to employees, whether it’s the outstanding representatives who brought in the most money or the representatives who improved this month. Take care of weekly and monthly meetings and express willingness to help representatives when needed.

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