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A Business Consulting firm that specializes at the international markets and escort companies in 17 countries in the world.
We accompany startups and companies that wish to work internationally  and enjoy customers in a variety of countries.

Want to grow and develop into a new market?
Do you feel that you are operating in the wrong market?
Do you think that your business can work better?

SIMBA Business Consultancy was established in 2018 and consists of senior consultants who are all business owners themselves with the aim of providing solutions in the management, growth and expansion of businesses to the international markets.
Our business support processes begin with a deep understanding of the market and the various entrepreneurs we work with.

Our secret lies in raising standards.
We believe that with high standards, businesses will continue to grow and grow for a long time, will face the challenges they face and significantly increase the scope of their activities.
If your business is not performing well enough, it does not mean that it is not profitable, it means that you may be in the wrong market.

Come grow with us and go to international markets, with an audience located in many countries.

Our Services


Setting up sales teams, training, sales workshops and using a learning machine (AI) on your salespeople and this is how we will accurately increase the closing percentages with customers.

Business Consulting

Weekly and monthly support that includes meetings, proper guidance and building an operational strategy. There are more complex and less complex businesses that require different treatment

Business Plan

You don't start a business without a business plan! Business forecast, to understand how our business will be profitable. The initial feasibility study and an implementation plan to achieve the business goals

Organizational Consulting

Without work procedures and without clear job definitions, you will not be able to duplicate your success, guide new employees and make the business work by itself. The goal is to build a stable foundation of procedures and a clear division of duties to manage your time properly. You don't have to work hard, but you have to work smart!

Entry into
International Markets

Developing your business into an international market.
This is exactly the time to do proper market research and examine the demand for your business to sell worldwide!
If we don't develop and innovate, we may find ourselves left behind when our competitors innovate and improve.

Employee Training Course

You must train your employees for the task so they will reach your goals!
If the employee is not efficient and task-oriented enough, maybe we simply did not train him properly.
Give your employees training and see how much Effective they become. Invest in your team and your team will invest in you

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What our clients say about us

Nikita Dimitrova
Sales Agent
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My experience with matan was nice. He help me with all my needs and problems i had. He knows exactly in which way to help you and how to help you. I definitely recomend him for help and as listen as well too.
Jessica Haramaty
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Thank's to to team, I decided not to invest in a company that I wanted to purchase. They did a valuation report and showed me it's just not a profitable business. They just saved me from a big mistake. thank you so much
Rony Weinberg
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Number one! Professional and reliable, it is important for each of the consultants to be a part of the entire process of the business they accompany. They see the success of the business as their success and do not give up until the goal is reached Highly recommend!
Nitzan Kapuya
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We went through a sales workshop with Matan. The workshop was excellent, I spoke with the representatives and they were really impressed. In the two hours alone we had after the training they made 6 sales. The quantity was very large, but it was more beautiful to see the implementation of the things and that representatives who had not sold for a long time, sold on the same day! Thank you!
Oran Tal
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Giving advice from the heart and soul. You see in his eyes the desire to help, the care and giving is completely palpable. He is extremely attentive, professional and reliable. Highly recommend business consulting with Matan!
Sally Zoaby
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We went through sales training with Matan and the team. I simply have no words for how much investment and understanding they gave us. I think that after an hour and a half after we finished the workshop, 7 people had already sold. Simply the most professional and up-to-date company in the field of sales in my opinion. Highly recommend!
Or Aviv
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Matan gave me a very kind and professional service, his professionalism is exciting and proves that it is worth paying a bit more for something good and high quality, highly recommend!
Shaul Gitlitz
Read More
Theodore Roosevelt once said - "I appreciate that you give me the advice you think I need, not the advice you think I want." Matan, endowed with exactly this ability. He is thorough, attentive and most importantly knows how to understand the situation and analyze it "on the fly" which turns his advice into a practical toolbox that every business owner must have in his possession. Highly recommend it!

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Over 830 training different companies
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Over 240 companies and entrepenurs
We operate in 17 countries worldwide

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SIMBA Business Consultancy in the world

Setting up Sales teams

Appropriate sales teams are a central part of marketing products and services.

Telephone sales centers, frontal meeting coordination center, field sales organization, sales organization for business development and proactive contact with stakeholders.

When choosing to establish the type of sales system, it is important to first understand what the main goal is and what we would like to achieve from that strategy and we start with the first question – a B2C system (for private consumers) or a B2B audience (business audience). Each target audience is characterized by a dedicated sales system suitable for it.

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Business Connections

As an inevitable part of accompanying many businesses in all kinds of countries in the world, we are linked to a wide range of service providers and customers in various fields.

We help many businesses with business connections and connect customers with suppliers and different service providers if necessary.

Penetrating international markets at the B2B level and finding suitable suppliers in all kinds of countries.

1x1 Consulting Meetings

One-on-one meetings with a business consultant who is an expert in his field at the company’s offices or at your offices.

Together with you, we will plan the time carefully, make decisions together and build a winning team that can help us deal with current operations.
During the meetings, we will focus on the challenges that exist in the business in the longer term and make sure that things are indeed progressing and becoming more efficient.

Dealing with additional suppliers and service providers, hiring new employees for the business, cash flow management, feasibility tests for new moves that will boost our business!

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