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"Any Theory that can be proven on Paper
is Actually Provable in Reality"

Albert Einstein

About Us

SIMBA Business Consultancy was established with the aim of providing a response to management, growth and development of businesses. We advise and methodically accompany business owners, and anyone who is interested in launching an initiative in a variety of areas.

Our secret is in raising standards. We believe, if standards are high, businesses will continue to flourish and grow for a long time; will cope with challenges they are faced with; and will significantly develop the extent of their activities.

Approximately 800 businesses close every week (according to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics). In order not to be a part of these statistics, let us check that your plans are clear and realistic, and we can build together a comprehensive plan that includes all the tools for success. Contact us, and we will escort you in any field of your choice.

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Our Service

We believe that with high standards, businesses will continue to grow and grow for a long time, meet the challenges they face and significantly increase the scope of their operations.

Building a long term business plan

Building a business plan is necessary to know in which direction the business is heading. A business [lan is a combination of many different variables that testify to the rate of progress, whilst at the same time determining aims and goals, according to which to act and promote business operations.

Many businesses that do not build a correct business plan are likely to show a lack of progress, remaining static, or heaven forbid, declaring bankruptcy.

Leading a marketing strategy

Building suitable marketing channels, determining a target audience, including market penetration, branding, on and offline marketing. Without a proper marketing strategy, we could spend a lot of money on advertising that is not at all relevant – this becomes clear when customers are not forthcoming and do not purchase.

Advice and continued support

We accompany businesses for a number of months and even years in every transaction and area of speciality. There are more complex and less complex businesses that would require differential treatment.

Leading of Cross Organizational Processes

There are complex processes such as penetration into international markets. We have to understand the process as a whole – is there a requirement to obtain a certain license for one or another country, regulations, efficient advertising, decision making on opening another factory.

Efficient Processes

An efficient way of conducting business lowers costs and many expenses. Decisions on computer systems, definition and division of tasks, work procedures for all work divisions, for all company departments, and building of an assembly line that would continue to work well in the long term.

Correct Price Building

Correct and efficient price building raises the profitability of the company. Many miscellaneous factors need to be taken into account, such as: cost of marketing and advertising; commission costs of sales people; and market prices offered by competitors – we must not look only at the cost of the product or service itself, but there are many and varied other important components to building correct and profitable costing.

Links to Investors

We have multiple connections in different areas and are able to help connect between different investors and your project.

Business Planning and Development

How do we open a business; what products to add or remove; to open another branch? Business development is very important to remember. If we do not develop and innovate, we may find ourselves lagging behind whilst our competitors innovate and improve.

Correct Management of Workers

Building courses for trainees; recruitment; skills and professional growth; correct division of labour; identification of diligent as well as problematic workers who could cause damage to the image we have created. We must respect, support, appreciate and invest in the development of the workers – they are the ones who advance the business we manage.

Establishment of sales and service management

Building of sales and service points, including recruitment, and sales and service scenarios; a suitable reception center and follow-up on the functionality of these service centers. Determination of daily, monthly and annual targets and goals. Establishment of sales centers in different countries targeted towards different clientele.

Penetration into International Markets

The expansion of the company in different places. Preparation of a suitable work plan for each country; taxation; opening of suitable bank accounts; regulations; suitable center for the same market; connections to international clearing companies; suitable launching; risk system control, and a variety of miscellaneous items that need consideration before contemplating a new market.

Establishment of Digital Marketing Platforms

In today’s age, it is important to conduct business with the correct systems. Correct postal systems; content building for distribution lists; preservation of customers; building of websites; landing pages to obtain optimal conversion relationships.

Our Customers

We work with a wide variety of businesses:


We offer lectures in all parts of the country on different topics, principally to non-profit organizations, schools, universities and colleges, and shared workspace complexes.

Our flagship workshop is called “A True Business”, and comprises five engaging meetings, dealing with problems and challenges facing all businesses.

Content of the workshop

Sales and Negotiations

Determining goals & achieving objectives

Identification of potential customers

Negotiation with experienced players in the market

Psychological tools in sales

Coping with resistance

Recruiting for quality objectives (B2B + B2C)

Customer Services

Why is this so important?

The client life cycle

Efficient models of customer service

Managing clientele files


Management of workers

Introduction of procedures

Task definitions

Topics for monthly meetings

Recruitment of workers

Coping with difficult workers

Business Plan

What kind of business is it worthwhile to open

Setting and clarification of goals

Correct choice of partners

Building a realistic plan

Inbound and outbound barriers

Coping with failure and success

Business Development

How to develop a business

The role of the Director

Building a long term plan

Correct intelligence on competitors

Using relative advantage

Understanding the market

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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