Marketing Plan

There are a lot of strategies that impact on our sales and income alignment. In order that we will receive clients that pay, we must build a marketing strategy that includes choosing the right target audience and the right paths to get to this audience and to make them pay for your services/products.

So what are the main steps before you market your product/services?
1. Target audience – choosing the right target audience is the first and most important step, and why is that?
Because any marketing strategy includes choosing colors, pricing, focused advertising and collaborations based on this data.
Freelancers / self-employed/ singles/divorced/ living areas/ Socioeconomic status/ women/ men/ kids/ teenagers/ elders/ locals/ international residents/ multilinguals.
As you focus on your target audience, so the chances of reaching him grows, furthermore make sure you address to the relevant potential customers.
2. Defining a pricing model – making the right pricing model could lead to an income incremen. Make sure it contains not only the costing of your product/services, but also the ads/ advertising  costing for that specific customer.
Additionally, you need to specify how that client is going to pay? Through bank transfer, electronic wallets, credits, cash, different kinds of currencies that you accept and etc.

3. Digital/Offline ads – without an efficient advertising and exposure, the customers won’t be able to know and reach you.
 There are so many great service suppliers that don’t advertise/ publicize themselves from different reasons, so here’s the question – how they are going to hear about you if you don’t advertise yourselves? prepare a budget specifically for marketing and advertising and use it wisely, try to get as many advertising sources.
If you have a small budget, or you just in the beginning of your way and you’re interested in just “trying”, you can always think of relevant co-ops with complimentary service suppliers.
Show them both sides values and try to achieve an agreement between both of you for a future collaboration based on customer referee.
Social media advertising, search engines, popular websites with a high trafficking.

The advertisement results  are actually “leads” list – personal details of potential customer who’s interested in your products/services.

4. Creating leads – list of details of the people who’re interested in your products/services that includes: name, phone number and an email to contact them.
The point/reason of creating those lists is for contact back to the ones who’re interested, to understand their needs and to offer an efficient and fast  response.
Important to mention that it’s highly important in contacting back with those who are interested fast enough (until 1 business day) because the interested client is “hot” and wants to hear details about your product/services , a very possible scenario that he left his contact details with your competitors, and he will for the first one to contact him/her.

5. Sales – after creating leads, we would like to address those potential clients, try to understand their will and match the right product/service according to his/her needs. Too much aggressive sales talk might cause your client to develop a certain “anti” towards you and you will lose the sale.
Too much relaxed sales talk might bore the customer and make him find a different service in a different company. Try to find the balance in that. Remember that the client is interested, now we just have to show him/her that your company is reliable and can supply the product/service that he/she needs.

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