Choosing the right local/international clearinghouse, could increase your scope of sales and making sure the potential customers will pay with their preferable method of payment.
There are so many methods of payment such as: local/international credit, loaded credit, bank transfers, electronic wallets, checks and other variety of options.
Make sure to find the client’s preferred method of payment for your product/services.
You don’t want to get into a situation where your client is interested to pay but because of your payment alignment , you’re not prepared to accept his money – the customer will lose interest and go to buy from a different place of business.
Today, more than ever, we want to get things here and now. Our ability to be patient is lessened.

We could advise with which defrayal system you should work with.
What are the payment methods that you have to implant in your site and which payment methods are not relevant to your client.

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