Procedures and Guidelines

Why must every organization build work procedures?

Before answering this question let’s understand what work procedures are.
So work procedures are a written protocol that mainly refers to two main things:

Operational agenda – what are the actions we are supposed to do in order to perform tasks in the most correct way.

Time management – how long our actions take.

Will work procedures help us optimize the working day in the best possible way?
So written and clear work procedures according to exact times will of course help us work more efficiently and get the most out of our workday but that’s not the only purpose those procedures are for.

Orderly work procedures also help us especially when veteran employees leave who have gained a lot of knowledge about how their work is operated.

This is one of the common problems in running a business.

Veteran employees leave the organization and “take” with them extremely useful knowledge that creates many challenges when training a new employee.

There are cases when many managers are not the most satisfied with the performance of an employee, but are not ready to fire him because of the extensive experience and information he has in his head.

This concern means that the organization does not really progress, but accepts the existing situation and the performance of that veteran employee.

What are the main problems of an organization without clear and written work procedures?

There is difficulty in estimating task execution schedules.
Lack of coordination of expectations for how the work should be done.
Long-time employees keep very useful information about how tasks are performed and after leaving/dismissal “take” the information with them.
Great difficulty in recruiting new employees to the organization.

Basically, building work procedures come to solve many operational problems for us.
This is the main basis for building an orderly and organized operation in which processes are carried out.

How long does it take to create work procedures?
It really depends on your organizational structure, the amount of tasks and the size of the company.
The process can take a few weeks or many months.

So how do we create work procedures correctly?
The first thing we do is come to your organization and talk to the employees.

Understand all of the tasks they do and then start compiling the data.

Let’s start writing down the whole daily process of the employee. Order actions that he needs to do in order to perform the tasks in the best way and not forget any detail.

Documentation of the things (preferably in an orderly system in which everyone involved in the task participates).

We will create a full reflection in front of the employees and managers who will be able to receive information about the status of the execution of the tasks.

The operational management can include working with different departments in the organization or even external suppliers with whom they work.

After that, we will create time procedures in which we will estimate the work time required to perform the tasks.

Once we understand how long each task takes, we can make better decisions such as:

  1. How many workers are required to perform the task?
  2. Is the goal we have set realistic at all to accomplish the task?

Working with many organizations for which we built clear work procedures, we saw how many decisions the company owners made.

Increase / decrease the number of employees.
New employees were absorbed in a faster time to work.
Reduce the goal of performing the tasks.
Prioritize tasks better.

If you don’t have written work procedures yet, now is the time to do so.

Send us a message and we will help you significantly optimize the way you work.

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