Sales Training

Sales trainings can be conduct in 2 ways:

  1. Understanding the main challenges by listening to sales calls and meetings, it can be done efficiently by installing an AI machine learning that will analyze the agent’s performance. 
  2. Sales training that will focus on sales strategies & dealing with client’s objections. 

Have you asked yourselves   “How is it possible that you will increase the sales performance? – so here is the answer.

We use a learning machine that measures the representatives according to a large number of definitions we have set, so we know exactly where the problems are and where our successes are.

Our learning machine is one of the most advanced on the market.
It can analyze every conversation, in 10 different languages according to the data we define for it.
First, we will select different conversations of the salespeople and analyze them according to each selected variable, for example:

  • The level of the salesperson’s tone of voice compared to the customer.
  • The extent of the questions the salesperson asked the customer.
  • What motivations for action did the sales representative use during the conversation with the customer.
  • Who spoke and controlled more during the conversation? the representative or the customer.
  • Did the representative not recognize the potential customer as our machine did?
  • How did the representative deal with the customer’s objection?
  • Did the representative recognize the customer’s purchase signs? Or did the machine recognize better?

All these and many additional levels we can accurately measure in conversations with customers, and this by deeply analyzing thousands of sales conversations.
All you have to do is send us your sales calls and we will analyze and do the rest.

We will tell you exactly where your problems are and what solutions we offer to make sure that the closing contract will be significantly higher.

Some information about our Sales Training

The sales workshop significantly increases the closing percentages with potential customers.

We deeply understand your business and actually analyze the entire sales process to the customer together with the sales team.
The sales workshops have a huge effect in increasing the profitability of the business.
The workshop actually works in two ways – psychological and practical.
In the psychological aspect, we explain how people think, make decisions, and what factors influence that. Once we predict this, it will be easier for us to communicate and deliver our precise messages into a sale.
On the practical side, we write the new sales scripts, handle customer objections, teach how to implement the necessary actions to build the “winning recipe” for sales in your organization.

Of course, after I understand things, we will perform sales simulations together with the sales teams and work with everyone to practice peak performance.

There are workshops that last about 4-6 hours (a whole day) and there are workshops that last several days and include additional content that will help you achieve higher sales performance and focus on your main challenges more precisely.
After we have conducted the workshops and given precise tools to your sales people, we will use the learning machine regularly and make sure that they act exactly according to the strategies they learned.
In fact, we provide full support and in-depth training of the sales people.

Why it is so important to have a Sales Training?

Refreshment for the sales team

Refreshment for the sales team who have been working with the same sales method for a long time. It is enough to carry out one new action in the sales process and we will already see a change and an increase in sales.

Adjusting the sales process

Adapting the sales process to today’s times. The way of thinking of the customers has changed and needs a more innovative polish with a deeper understanding of meeting the needs of the customers.

Optimize the sales process

We optimize the sales process that currently exists without the need for marketing or personnel expenses. This means that with the same personnel that exists and with the same marketing expenses, we can optimize the way of speaking and dealing with potential customers and thereby increase the closing percentage.

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