Entry into Turkey

It is a Muslim country located in the Mediterranean basin with 85 million people, 15 million living in the capital – Istanbul. As the largest city in the world situated on two continents, it has two airports. Istanbul has such a high population density because it is the most industrial and flourishing city. For a long time, Turkey has been attempting to enter and become part of the European Union, but because of the nature of the government in the state, it is rejected repeatedly. This is one of the reasons the government makes great efforts to improve its political economy and the lives of its citizens.

The leading industries are textile, agriculture, services, and tourism. Which also provides a lot of jobs for its citizens. Turkey is a powerful exporter to European countries, and most of its exports are textile & agriculture. The medical industry is also emerging in Istanbul and is currently ranked 10th globally. The majority of the treatments are in dentistry and hair transplants. Taxes stands at around 20% in Turkey.

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